Two Big Elephants – Teaser

Michael Mountain – Two Big Elephants: when the corrupt politicians fight for power, they are like two big elephants trampling the grass (and as Michael puts it: “we, the grass, keep on suffering”)

The recording of Michael Mountain’s upcoming album has been shaped by the pandemic in many ways – Michael is in Malawi; drums recorded in Jamaica; backing vocals in Sweden; and here am I in Bristol, UK, adding a guitar track to this energetic little masterpiece.

We plan to release the album later this year, a blend of Reggae, Ska and Singer/Songwriter. If you want to hear Michael’s previous work, have a listen over here:

Uncovered Footage of Gasper Nali

This year has been a bit of a tough one. Gasper’s summer tour was cancelled and work on the upcoming album has been delayed – but it made me spend some time on backing up and archiving old videos, recordings and pictures from Malawi. And I came across this little gem of Gasper recording vocals for the track Mwana Jeni on the 2015 album Abale Ndikuwuzeni. Enjoy!

Tour Cancelled – Gasper Nali

It’s with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Gasper Nali’s Netherlands / Belgium / Malaysia tour for June-July 2020 has now officially been cancelled. Of course things had been looking bleak for a while, but with the Dutch government finally declaring all larger events outlawed until September, there’s no chance for it to happen this year.

With a number of excellent bookings now gone, we’re hoping for festivals and booking agents to come together and do a straight one year postponement with the same line-ups where possible, so that Gasper will have a chance to do this tour next year instead.

In light of this new situation, we’ll be planning some other exciting (yet social distancing-friendly) new project ideas for those of you who need another fix of Malawian music ASAP. We’ll keep you posted here on this web site and on our Facebook page. Tionana mtsogolo for now.

P.S. If you need Gasper’s music straight away, go to our Bandcamp page and check it out.

Presenting: Ovaton Voices

(c) & (p) 2017 Spare Dog Records

The Coolest Man on Earth!

Mr Ovaton and his nephew Mr Mwansa performing his song “Adviser Is Not a Wizard” on the back porch of the studio in Malawi. We we’re scheduled for a proper recording that day, but fate had it there was an all day power cut – and plan B had to be a battery powered live recording instead. The real recording will commence on our return to Nkhata Bay later this year.

Mr Ovaton is 65 years of age and lives in a remote village in the Nkhata Bay region, playing his own tunes in a traditional style – on an accordion (an unorthodox instrument for this part of the world). Of course Mr Mwansa plays a suitcase!

This is our friend Ben Evolent!

A while back our buddy Ben Evolent stayed in Nkhata Bay for a few months and he was part of our little crew of musicians and such folks. Together we recorded seven songs of his in Moto Wambili Studios, and this is one of them – now accompanied by some nice images from Australia (I think). Find him on Facebook through this link.

Spare Dog Records thinks this is great!

Welcome 2015!
Neighbouring kids putting on a little show in front of our house in Nkhata Bay, Malawi. July 2014
Danny Kalima The Young Shall Grow

Goodbye 2014 – Hello 2015. The end of last year was hectic for me. Starting the record company and releasing the first album meant I had to learn a lot of new skills; Tech, web, PR, social media and so on. But I think we did good – I like the looks of the web site, Danny’s album was released on time on all the platforms and and got good response, and both social and some normal media gave us attention – especially the nice interview by the BBC.

Michael Mountain Album Cover SunsetNext year will bring us new things from the Warm Heart of Africa! In January we will release the one and only Michael Mountain, and his debut album Nowhere Else To Go. Michael – a small scale farmer with a big voice will blow people away all over the world, I’m sure. The following month will see the release of the fantastically powerful reggae of Street Rat, and on top of that – more releases will be announced in time, but for now those names are all a big secret! (shhhh).

In March, Spare Dog Records will again return to Malawi for more recordings and video shoots – there is just so much to be done, so many more great artists that we would like to introduce to you, and to the world!

So thank you all for the year passed, we’ve loved every second of it. And to the year ahead: I hope it’ll be as good as the last one! And I hope it will see you all having a great year too.


Best wishes from us here at Spare Dog Records!

‘Dusty City’ music video is released

This is Lilongwe, the capital city of the Warm Heart of Africa – Malawi. We want to share great African music with the world, so let Danny Kalima take you to the city he calls home.

This music video, like the album ‘The Young Shall Grow’, has been produced in Malawi by Moto Wambili Studios in Nkhata Bay. For this video, though, we’ve gotten some help from A-J Leaper and Jeandre Pieterse with great camera work and direction on location in Lilongwe – some 5 hours away from the Bay.

Not only does Spare Dog Records bring you the sounds of Malawi, we also bring you the sights!