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The Moods Malawi

The Moods Malawi

The Moods Malawi‘s music is a different kind of beast from previous releases. Much more electronic than what you’ve been used to hear from Spare Dog Records. They blend the modern with afro-beats and heavy reggae, with hard hitting lyrics and irresistible hooks.


Each member of the trio brings his own flavour to the mix: Daddy Mbuzi brings the African dance music, Verbal Able Rasta delivers those Reggae vibes, and Chapsman of the ‘Tonga Heritage’ makes sure it is all firmly rooted in the Malawian soil.


We’ve finished recording a few great tracks and the final version of the first music video has been rendered – the release date is still to be set, but we’re sure this will rock both Malawi and the rest of the world!


Oh, and check out the very unofficial music video below, for the song ‘Roadblock’. Anyone who wants to hear that great track and who’s curious about what it looks like to drive an old Toyota from Mzuzu to Nkhata Bay wouldn’t want to miss it!


Stay tuned for more info.




Guns & Drugs – Official Music Video


Guns n Drugs Wide small

Coming up

Unofficial Roadblock Video