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Street Rat AKA David Luhanga

Street Rat AKA David Luhanga


Street Rat is finally releasing his first international album on the 1st September. In Malawi, he is a well known and respected artist, who’s made his name as front man and band leader of bands like ‘Souls of the Ghetto’ and ‘Body Mind & Soul’. A veteran to the Malawi scene, in Europe he’s still a newcomer who will have to prove his worth and talent once again.

“Street Rat – I’d heard his name long before I saw his band play, let alone before I really met him. They were already legends in Northern Malawi. “Man, you should have seen ’em at the Lake of Stars festival!” you’d hear people say. Of course I was intrigued!”


Street Rat, a.k.a. Davie Luhanga, is an energetic live artist, who has performed a number of times at major music festivals such as the ‘Lake of Stars’ festival, and who made a European tour in 2008. Although his music spans many genres and styles from heavy reggae to what he calls ‘Voodjaz’ – traditional Malawian rhythms with a jazzy feel – the upcoming album ‘Born in the Ghetto’ is a dedicated Reggae record.


“I finally saw them playing at a party in the Bay. The place was packed. Everybody was dancing – even I was dancing! I had just arrived back in Malawi the day before, and there I was, tired as hell but dancing! I was reminded of why this is a special place. I managed to chat to Street Rat after the show and somehow persuaded him to work with me on a record.”


Born in the city of Mzuzu, in northern Malawi, Davie recently moved to Edinburgh, UK, with his British wife & daughter, and is starting to reinvent his career on another continent. He’s putting a band together and is beginning to tap into the networks of musicians and industry in this new place.

For more on the new album ‘Born in the Ghetto’ (Released 1st September 2015) click this link.

Watch the official music video – Singing Mood