Welcome 2015!
Welcome 2015!

Welcome 2015!

Neighbouring kids putting on a little show in front of our house in Nkhata Bay, Malawi. July 2014
Danny Kalima The Young Shall Grow

Goodbye 2014 – Hello 2015. The end of last year was hectic for me. Starting the record company and releasing the first album meant I had to learn a lot of new skills; Tech, web, PR, social media and so on. But I think we did good – I like the looks of the web site, Danny’s album was released on time on all the platforms and and got good response, and both social and some normal media gave us attention – especially the nice interview by the BBC.

Michael Mountain Album Cover SunsetNext year will bring us new things from the Warm Heart of Africa! In January we will release the one and only Michael Mountain, and his debut album Nowhere Else To Go. Michael – a small scale farmer with a big voice will blow people away all over the world, I’m sure. The following month will see the release of the fantastically powerful reggae of Street Rat, and on top of that – more releases will be announced in time, but for now those names are all a big secret! (shhhh).

In March, Spare Dog Records will again return to Malawi for more recordings and video shoots – there is just so much to be done, so many more great artists that we would like to introduce to you, and to the world!

So thank you all for the year passed, we’ve loved every second of it. And to the year ahead: I hope it’ll be as good as the last one! And I hope it will see you all having a great year too.


Best wishes from us here at Spare Dog Records!