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Live or Die Story

Live or Die Story

by Adrian Kwelepeta

Live or Die Story
Adrian Kwelepeta
SDR006-1 Feb 27, 2018


Adrian Kwelepeta was born and raised by his mum in Blantyre’s dusty “ghetto”, developing his mix-and-match musical style from playing a goat-skin and bicycle break-wire local guitar while listening to Eminem at the age of 8.

Nowadays he truly stands out in the music scene of Malawi’s capital Lilongwe. While most sounds being blasted in market streets or local bars are traditional dance music or Afro Pop, Adrian wants to combine elements from them both and add it to his own style of singer/songwriting and a good dose of pop/RnB.

The result is a quite complex sonic landscape where the most prominent feature is his voice – not only through the lead vocals, but also when layering harmonies, humming, chanting, breathing and using his voice as percussion. If it wasn’t for that, Adrian’s love for American radio hits of the 2000s and hard-to-place English accent would make it near impossible to guess his origins.

Adding to it all, Adrian Kwelepeta is already a mature song writer, keen guitar player and very proficient percussionist – this is only the beginning.

LIVE OR DIE STORY is released on Spare Dog Records. Founded and run by Swedish musician and producer Mattias Stålnacke. SDR works hard, both in Bristol, UK, and in Malawi, to produce, promote and to deliver Malawi Music for the World.

Ey Yo – Recording Sessions

Chulu Cha Nchele – Music Video

Shot, Edited & Directed by: Omar Manjouneh