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Gasper Nali – A Bale Ndikuwuzeni (Music Video)

Brand new Gasper Nali music video!

Finally, we are releasing Gasper’s music video of the song A Bale Ndikuwuzeni that has already travelled around the Internet a time or two. A simple video of this very catchy tune, played on a huge home made bass guitar (Babatoni), was originally posted on the Facebook page ‘Latinos Post’ and reached almost 10 million views. (Click here to see the video!) The song has been posted in different places on the Internet under different names – the correct Chichewa name ‘A Bale Ndikuwuzeni’ has been misunderstood to be ‘Abale Ndikum Gem’ and even the cryptic ‘Африканский музыкант’.

Now Spare Dog Records are proud to present this fantastic song and musician in a proper studio recording and music video, recorded right here in Gasper’s home town of Nkhata Bay, Malawi!

The single is, as of now, available on Spotify and Amazon. (Click on link). Due to a technical hitch, the song is not yet available on iTunes, but we’ll let you know shortly when that is happening, just check out this space in a few days.

So please listen to this great track and enjoy the music video – share, tell your friends and please consider buying the track for a dollar and support Gasper Nali and Spare Dog Records!

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Gasper Nali Latest Update:



Disregard the stuff below: Gasper is now on iTunes as well: Just follow this link!



Ooops! There’s been a technical glitch regarding the release of Gasper Nali’s new single ‘Ndikuwuzeni’. It’s out of our hands and we are as frustrated as you are, but we’re sure it will be sorted shortly, and the music will be available to buy online, and along with it – a brand new music video!

Just pop back to the web site in a few days and you’ll be able to find all the store info then. Or better still: Join our Facebook or Twitter and get the latest info from there!


We’re very sorry for this delay. We know you’d like to get your paws on this music as soon as possible!

Releasing Gasper Nali

New Single Coming Up!


Gasper Nali, a Nkhata Bay musician extraordinare, will release his first international single on Spare Dog Records. He is an internet phenomena of late with a video of him playing his song ‘A Bale Ndikuwuzeni’ five years ago, reaching a whopping 9 million views on a facebook page called Latinos Post. Click here to see the video!

If the song is hard to find on the internet it’s because of some confusion concerning the title! The correct Chichewa name ‘A Bale Ndikuwuzeni’ has been misunderstood to be ‘Abale Ndikum Gem’ and even the cryptic ‘Африканский музыкант’. But SDR is here to set the record straight!

Gasper plays a home made instrument called Babatoni – it’s a huge one string bass guitar played with a stick and an empty bottle, and the sound coming out is surely something special. This in combination with Gasper’s great voice and catchy tunes makes for a music experience you haven’t had before!

We have finished the recording of the first track, and it’s in the pipeline for release on all the major digital platforms for Monday 13 July. Spread the word people! This is the first professional recording of a very special musician who will surely make the world dance for many years to come!

A music video for the song will also be released together with the single.

CNN featuring Danny Kalima – Now Online


Finally, the CNN ‘African Voices’ feature of Nkhata Bay, it’s musicians and the studio is released online. So if you can’t tune in CNN this week – here it is:
Spare Dog Record’s own Danny Kalima will show you around the bay and talk about his music, lyrics and languages. He also introduces us to his friend and fellow musician Gasper Nali. The segment was filmed in Nkhata Bay by CNN producer Lidz-Ama Appiah and cameraman Beau Molloy. Big ups!


Following Danny Kalima on Spotify!


Spare Dog Records on CNN


This week CNN ‘African Voices’ is showing a feature on Nkhata Bay, it’s musicians and my studio there!

It airs on different times of day, every day. Check out the times on: CNN African Voices.

The video above is me filming CNN filming for the program. Just a little teaser for you to enjoy!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hello Malawi!


Spare Dog Records will be moving it’s operations back to Malawi again! More music will be produced, new artists will be announced, and lots of new pictures and videos from The Warm Heart of Africa. Tickets are bought, and we’ll touch down in Lilongwe on the 16th April. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter (buttons to the left) to see where our journey will take us next!

Did you catch Michael Mountain’s video?

Nowhere Else To Go by Michael Mountain

Far from the bustling city of Lilongwe, Michael Mountain sings about a different Malawi. His life as a small-scale farmer in a small mountain village is more akin to the lifestyle of the majority of Malawians. In this official music video, he’s showing you his world.

‘Nowhere Else To Go’ is the title track of his newly released album, and the video was filmed on location in the Nkhata Bay region of Northern Malawi.

Who is Dan Kalima?

The Malawi Twitterati are trying to solve The Curious Case of Dan Kalima. The MUMA Awards last night awarded the title of Best RnB Artist to an apparently unknown singer-songwriter going by the name of Dan Kalima. Unfortunately he could not be there to collect the award in person, and so fellow musician Menes La Plume kindly did the honours on his behalf – and so the plot thickens…

Now who is this Dan Kalima guy? People are searching high and low for the answer. For some reason google does not help this time. We can reveal the truth. Dan Kalima is not some newcomer to the Malawi scene, he is in fact the well known and respected Sirius also known as Danny Kalima. He is using Danny Kalima (google THAT and you’ll find him) internationally and somehow he got nominated for MUMA as Dan Kalima. You can find his biography, photos and videos of him here.


Not Dan Kalima (This is Menes La Plume)
Not Dan Kalima (This is Menes La Plume)