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Gasper Nali album release date

Gasper iTunes Cover


Gasper Nali is finally releasing a full album. For those of you who just couldn’t get enough of him playing his one-stringed home-made Babatoni bass guitar on the very catchy single ‘A Bale Ndikuwuzeni’ – here’s a full nine tracks that will keep you going until next summer. On the 7th of December, Spare Dog Records will release these 45 minutes of moving rhythms, thick sounds, unforgettable melodies and words of wisdom and warning

We can’t wait to share this with the world!

Back in the UK



Sorry for not being in touch for a while! When the Lake Of Stars music festival was over, we packed up our house in Nkhata Bay (for this time) and caught the plane to Addis Ababa for a long stop-over (there’s some great music happening over there too) before finally making it to the UK. Spare Dog Records will be working from here for the next couple of months (enjoying fast internet, craft beer and hot showers and releasing a few great albums) and return to Malawi for new studio sessions in January.

I’m sure we’ll be more in tune with the Great Internet from this continent…

Goodbye Penny


Today we lost a friend. Penny – Queen of Dogs in the North. Strong, independent and good natured – but wouldn’t take crap from anyone. I’ll always remember her curled up around my feet as I’m at my desk, working on stuff in the studio.

No Spare Dog could ever take your place.

Rest in Peace.

Releasing: ‘Born in the Ghetto’ by Street Rat

Born in the ghetto [Konvert]


Few people I’ve worked with are as talented and as dedicated to his/her work as Davie ‘Street Rat’ Luhanga. In urban Malawi, he’s a household name due to years of putting up great live shows and always being on top of his game – now he has relocated to Edinburgh, UK, with his wife and child, and needs to reinvent his career on this new continent!

Today we are proud to say that we’re making a big jump in that direction; Today is the day for Street Rat’s international debut album ‘Born in the Ghetto’!

If you want to see Street Rat in Action – here’s the Official Music Video from the track ‘Singing Mood’:



Click here for more info on Street Rat
Click here for more info on the Album

Gasper Nali – Translated

Not only has the title of Abale Ndikuwuzeni been subject of confusion, being dubbed ‘Abale Ndikum Gem’ in some places & even ‘Африканский музыкант’ in others, people have also been asking us “What is he singing about?”. So after Gasper finished recording a new version of the song in our studio this Summer, we asked our translator friend Thomas Ngwira to do his level best.

The song is sung in Chichewa, the national language of Malawi, although Gasper grew up in a family speaking Chitumbuka, and lives in Nkhata Bay, where Chitonga is spoken. Here are the lyrics in English – and in case you haven’t heard or seen the new proper studio recording of the song, we’ve included that video at the bottom of this page.  Gasper’s full album, also entitled ‘Abale Ndikuwuzeni’, will be released on 7th December.



Abale Ndikuwuzeni – People, I want to tell you


People, I want to tell you everything today
People, I want to tell you everything now
People, I should tell you everything today
People, I should tell you everything now

What surprised me, in the whole of Malawi
What I’ve seen in Nkhata Bay
Small children dropping out of school now
Small children know men today
Small children are married nowadays
Small children of 9 years have babies – Mayiwe!

Ah-lalala waaah, Ah-yayaya eeeeh!
Ah-yayaya ooooh, Ah-yayaya ooooh!
Ah-yayaya today, Ah-yayaya Mayiwe!
Ah-yayaya today, Ah-yayaya Mayiwe!

It’s true! It’s true!

People, let me tell you everything now
People, let me tell you everything
People, I want to tell you everything
They said I should tell you everything now
At Njaya, I want to tell you everything
At Mayoka, I want to tell you everything

What surprised me, in the whole of Malawi
What I’ve seen there, in Nkhata Bay
Seeing the whole Malawi…
Seeing the whole Africa
Our destination is (Hell) fire – Mayiwe!

Ah-yayaya waaah, Ah-yayaya eeeeh!
Ah-yayaya ooooh, Ah-yayaya Mayiwe! – Mayiwe!
Ah-yayaya waaah, Ah-yayaya oooh!
Ah-yayaya today, Ah-yayaya Mayiwe!

Spoken Voice: Those who are able to listen, let them do so

It’s true, It’s true mama, It’s true, It’s true
More Fire – More Fire

Spoken voice: That’s the message, if you understand, you understand. If not, that’s your own fault

If you like the track and would like to support Gasper’s music – why not:



Here’s the 2015 studio recording of ‘Abale Ndikuwuzeni’ accompanied by images of Gasper in the studio and around the lake shores of Nkhata Bay.

If you haven’t heard the 2015 studio recording of this song yet, you can listen and watch Gasper in action in this new video.

Danny Kalima nominated for best RnB/Soul

Congratulations Danny Kalima!


Afrima awards

All Africa Music Awards (Afrima), have just released the nominees for this years awards – and our very own Danny Kalima is nominated in the category ‘Best artist or group in African RnB & Soul’. This is no small feat as there has been over 2500 entries for this year’s edition! Danny is the only Malawian artist to have been selected for the 2015 nominations and Spare Dog Records are very proud of him!

The final decision is up to the academy*, so all we can do now is visit www.afrima.org to check out Danny’s competition for winning the award on the ceremony held in Lagos, Nigeria on the 15th November. Have a look at the Music Video that got him there:

*STOP PRESS! Afrima has changed the decision-making process for Danny’s category and now the decision will be based on public voting (50%) as well as the academy panel (50%) – let’s all vote now! You can vote here



And if you really like Danny’s music – why not buy it on iTunes?

Presenting: The Moods Malawi




The Moods Malawi is a different kind of beast from previous releases. Much more electronic than what you’ve been used to hearing from Spare Dog Records. They blend the modern with afro-beats and heavy reggae, with hard hitting lyrics and irresistible hooks.


Each member of the trio brings his own flavour to the mix: Daddy Mbuzi brings the African dance music, Verbal Able Rasta delivers those Reggae vibes, and Chapsman of the ‘Tonga Heritage’ makes sure it is all firmly rooted in the Malawian soil.


We’ve finished recording a few great tracks and the final version of the first music video has been rendered – the release date is still to be set, but we’re sure this will rock both Malawi and the rest of the world! – Stay tuned for more info.

Gasper Nali on iTunes!



Gasper Nali’s sigle ‘A Bale Ndikuwuzeni’ is finally up on iTunes! Click the link below to support this fantastic Malawian musician!


Gasper Nali – A Bale Ndikuwuzeni (Music Video)

Brand new Gasper Nali music video!

Finally, we are releasing Gasper’s music video of the song A Bale Ndikuwuzeni that has already travelled around the Internet a time or two. A simple video of this very catchy tune, played on a huge home made bass guitar (Babatoni), was originally posted on the Facebook page ‘Latinos Post’ and reached almost 10 million views. (Click here to see the video!) The song has been posted in different places on the Internet under different names – the correct Chichewa name ‘A Bale Ndikuwuzeni’ has been misunderstood to be ‘Abale Ndikum Gem’ and even the cryptic ‘Африканский музыкант’.

Now Spare Dog Records are proud to present this fantastic song and musician in a proper studio recording and music video, recorded right here in Gasper’s home town of Nkhata Bay, Malawi!

The single is, as of now, available on Spotify and Amazon. (Click on link). Due to a technical hitch, the song is not yet available on iTunes, but we’ll let you know shortly when that is happening, just check out this space in a few days.

So please listen to this great track and enjoy the music video – share, tell your friends and please consider buying the track for a dollar and support Gasper Nali and Spare Dog Records!

Stop Press!


Gasper Nali Latest Update:



Disregard the stuff below: Gasper is now on iTunes as well: Just follow this link!



Ooops! There’s been a technical glitch regarding the release of Gasper Nali’s new single ‘Ndikuwuzeni’. It’s out of our hands and we are as frustrated as you are, but we’re sure it will be sorted shortly, and the music will be available to buy online, and along with it – a brand new music video!

Just pop back to the web site in a few days and you’ll be able to find all the store info then. Or better still: Join our Facebook or Twitter and get the latest info from there!


We’re very sorry for this delay. We know you’d like to get your paws on this music as soon as possible!