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Soft Launch: Zoona Malawi – Gasper Nali



available Nov 2, 2018




Gasper Nali’s second album, Zoona Malawi (roughly translates to ‘It’s true, Malawi’), is a return to simplicity. While his debut album had a band arrangement of instruments, this time it’s only Gasper.

Recorded on a beach in his hometown of Nkhata Bay, only meters from Lake Malawi, Gasper plays six songs from beginning to end – and that’s it. No additional instruments, no overdubs. Just Gasper’s voice, his huge Babatoni bass guitar and his cow skin kick drum. And that characteristic droning rhythm and hypnotic melodies. And if you listen carefully, the faint sound of the surf in the background. It took three tries to get the recording happening, due to the frequent power cuts in the area and some sporadic end-of-rain-season rain.

Zoona Malawi is released on Nov 2nd, 2018, by Spare Dog Records (UK) together with Mississippi Records (US) and Sing A Song Fighter (SWE) on vinyl and digital.

Pronunciation: The oo in ‘Zoona’ sounds like in ‘More’ or ‘For’ – not like in Zoom.


Gasper Nali 2018 Tour Highlights

THANK YOU everyone who came along to Gasper Nali’s fantastic July-August 2018 tour of the Netherlands, Scandinavia & the UK. Here’s a few memories from the shows – can you see yourself in the crowds?



If you’re looking for Gasper’s music – find it here:


Tour Venues & Festivals

Utrecht, NL – Sofar Sounds
Amsterdam, NL – Over Het IJ Festival
Lichtenvoorde, NL – Zwarte Cross Festival
Nijmegen, NL – Valkhof Festival

Stockholm/Ekerö – Rosenhill
Oslo, NO – Kafé Hærverk
Brådal, SWE – Algotfestivalen
Malmö, SWE – Malmö Sommarscen

Charlton Park, UK – WOMAD UK Festival
Kendal, UK – Kendal Calling Festival
Bristol, UK – The Canteen
Hampshire, UK – BoomTown Fair
Hampshire, UK – BoomTown Fair
Swansea, UK – The Welfare
Cornwall, UK – Mt Pleasant Eco Park
London, UK – Campfire Club
London, UK – Africa Centre
Margate, UK – Tom Thumb Theatre
Northants, UK – Shambala Festival
Northants, UK – Greenbelt Festival
Maidstone, UK – Shemomedjamo Festival

Gasper Nali Tour Update

We can’t believe how well Gasper Nali’s first ever international tour is going! We’re only half way through, but man is there a buzz about the whole thing!

Check this tiny compilation video out and you’ll see what we mean:



There’s a slightly longer version of the video here if your really into it!



And last but not least: If you’ve got a chance, make sure to catch Gasper playing at any of the following dates!


11/07 Utrecht, NL – Sofar Sounds
14/07 Amsterdam, NL – Over Het IJ Festival
15/07 Lichtenvoorde, NL – Zwarte Cross Festival
15/07 Nijmegen, NL – Valkhof Festival

18/07 Stockholm/Ekerö – Rosenhill
19/07 Oslo, NO – Kafé Hærverk
20/07 Brådal, SWE – Algotfestivalen
21/07 Malmö, SWE – Malmö Sommarscen

27/07 Charlton Park, UK – WOMAD UK Festival
28/07 Kendal, UK – Kendal Calling Festival
07/08 Bristol, UK – The Canteen
08/08 Hampshire, UK – BoomTown Fair
09/08 Hampshire, UK – BoomTown Fair
10/08 Swansea, UK – The Welfare
16/08 Cornwall, UK – Mt Pleasant Eco Park
17/08 London, UK – Campfire Club
18/08 Margate, UK – Tom Thumb Theatre
24/08 Northants, UK – Shambala Festival
25/08 Northants, UK – Greenbelt Festival
26/08 Kent, UK – Shemomedjamo Festival



The tour dates (so far) are here! Netherlands, Scandinavia & the UK – from 11th July to 26th August. Including WOMAD, Zwarte Cross, Malmö Sommarscen, Shambala, BoomTown and many many more. Check out the poster below:


Chulu Cha Nchele – New Single from Adrian Kwelepeta

*** NEW SINGLE *** from Adrian Kwelepeta



Chulu Cha Nchele – from debut album Live or Die Story. Available on CD from Bandcamp or through all your mainstream favourite streaming or digital platforms.


Adrian Kwelepeta, is an incredible talented young Malawian artist. Moving seamlessly between contemporary R&B, Folk and the traditional, his song-writing already shows substantial depth and maturity. Chulu Cha Nchele is a powerful and moving tale of life sung both in English and Chichewa.


Bwana Video Producer: Omar Manjouneh

Overton Longwe

The coolest man on the planet.

The only accordion player in Nkhata-Bay district.

66 years old travelling musician.

Awesome Malawian Roots Music.

Overton Longwe.


We are working on an album. Watch out for more from Overton Longwe around these parts of the internet.

Malawi and Back in 6 weeks

You wouldn’t know it but Spare Dog Records have been away for 6 weeks in Malawi, working on a bunch of new material – and we’ll have a lot of videos coming up shortly to prove it! We’ve for example recorded new music with roots accordion legend Overton Longwe, finished the Tonga Heritage album sessions and made a new stripped down recording with Gasper Nali on the shore of Lake Malawi – without any add-ons of any kind. (These three recordings plus new works by Danny Kalima and Michael Mountain make 5 exciting albums to be released in the near future!)

In the mean while, please enjoy the annual Malawian record producer hair shaving event!

Gasper Nali playing at WOMAD UK

The Gasper Nali 2018 tour is shaping up! Here he is amongst the first acts to be announced for this year’s WOMAD UK festival – we think that’s a BIG deal! Here’s the blurb:

GASPER NALI is playing at @WOMADFestival alongside the great Amadou & Mariam, Django Django, Camille and many more amazing acts. Join us at #TheWorldsFestival this July and experience the world in a weekend. Don’t miss out on over 200 free workshops, talks, physics, the WOMAD spa, fabulous food from all over the world and amazing music! Find tickets, full line-up and info on the WOMAD website. #WOMAD2018

Adrian Kwelepeta Album Release Teaser

It’s almost here! On the 27th February we’ll be releasing Adrian Kwelepeta‘s fantastic album ‘Live or Die Story’. It’s sooo good! And in anticipation of that, here’s a little teaser of what’s to come. Mwalandilidwa