Releasing Gasper Nali
Releasing Gasper Nali

Releasing Gasper Nali

New Single Coming Up!


Gasper Nali, a Nkhata Bay musician extraordinare, will release his first international single on Spare Dog Records. He is an internet phenomena of late with a video of him playing his song ‘A Bale Ndikuwuzeni’ five years ago, reaching a whopping 9 million views on a facebook page called Latinos Post. Click here to see the video!

If the song is hard to find on the internet it’s because of some confusion concerning the title! The correct Chichewa name ‘A Bale Ndikuwuzeni’ has been misunderstood to be ‘Abale Ndikum Gem’ and even the cryptic ‘Африканский музыкант’. But SDR is here to set the record straight!

Gasper plays a home made instrument called Babatoni – it’s a huge one string bass guitar played with a stick and an empty bottle, and the sound coming out is surely something special. This in combination with Gasper’s great voice and catchy tunes makes for a music experience you haven’t had before!

We have finished the recording of the first track, and it’s in the pipeline for release on all the major digital platforms for Monday 13 July. Spread the word people! This is the first professional recording of a very special musician who will surely make the world dance for many years to come!

A music video for the song will also be released together with the single.